Campaign Introduction

The Therian Empire flourished for over a thousand years, bringing peace, prosperity, and magical wonders to the entire continent. Its glory days, however, have long since passed, and now, some wonder if anything other than ruins and whispers of ancient glory will be left of Theria in the future. Years of decadence and corruption have taken their toll. An infant sits on the throne, and many question whether he’ll be the last emperor. Roads are deteriorating, monsters roam formerly peaceful lands, and evil forces lurk in the former provinces. Hushed whispers around flickering fires warn that the ancient magical barrier protecting Theria from a great evil is beginning to weaken.

The world needs heroes…

For years, the Therian Legion has been the elite guardian force of the empire, defending Theria and its people in times of peace when there was no need for a conscripted army. Today, it’s one of the few functional parts of the empire. Some say it’s the only thing worth saving.

Joining the Legion is generally a lucrative choice for adventurers-one is excused of any crimes previously committed, and forgiven of all debts, and it provides excellent opportunity to gain experience and wealth (you kill it, you keep it). One also must forfeit all real wealth, titles, and rights to property held prior to joining. It is, of course, a life fraught with danger, and a lifelong commitment-deserters or Legionnaires who perform deeds which cause intentional harm to the innocent are killed upon capture.

Defend the glory of Theria, Legionnaires! Protect the helpless, strike at evil before it takes root, and do your part to reignite the glory of the empire. Long live the emperor! Ausrine light your path!

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General Details

Character Generation

For full details on character generation and general gameplay stuff.

Cast of Characters

Tim: Stenn
Dan: Gaery
Sara: Lanata
Brian: Ishaak
Bryan: Shamash

When We Play

Twice a month on Tuesday Evenings

Current Setting

Two weeks’ travel from the capital city, the Nentir Vale feels more and more disconnected from the great empire of yesteryear as time goes by. The largest city of the region is a bustling small city called Fallcrest, built around a bluff and waterfall that would otherwise be a barrier to trade further up the Nentir River. In the far north of the region lies the Veil, an invisible barrier that no one dares to cross.


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